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March 10


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The light of the moon shone through the windows and lightened the halls, giving the academy a spooky sphere. After curfew were the buildings completely abandoned and was it whacky silent. A silent that only got disrupted by their footsteps and Victoria’s panting. Xenia was holding her wrist as she led the vampire through the halls.
‘Xenia,’ Victoria said between her panting, ‘where are we going?’
‘Finding some blood for you.’ The word alone made Victoria’s body shiver and she sniffed, like she was trying to find it. Xenia brought her to the main building, looking around which way they had to go.
‘I’m sure the kitchen was this way…’ She said to herself. All of a sudden, Victoria collapsed behind her. Startled she turned and looked at the shivering vampire. Heavily panting and shivering she sat at the ground.
‘Victoria!’ Xenia held her shoulders tightly. ‘Get a hold on yourself!’ she yelled at her, while shaking her. All of a sudden the vampire looked up. Xenia could hardly tell whose eyes it were before her. They were empty and displayed a world of madness.  The vampire raised her hands and opened her mouth, while looking at Xenia. Her canines had become much bigger and sharper.
‘Don’t!’ Xenia pushed her away with her invisible arms and held her against a wall. The vampire growled to her like a wild animal and tried to free her out of Xenia’s grip.
‘I won’t let you go till you’ve come to your senses!’ She yelled at her. She just had finished that sentence when Victoria’s body started to glow. A dark red aura appeared around her and Xenia felt that holding her became more difficult. The Dyclonius looked surprised at her. She never knew that Victoria possessed magic. She must have kept it a secret for some reason. Her growl became louder and so did the aura. Xenia felt her vectors scream. It was like they were burning. She loosened her grip for just a second, but the vampire knew to escape already. She jumped into the darkness and hid there. Xenia looked around, but couldn’t find her anymore.
Dammed… I’m gonna need to hurt her for stopping her. I wonder or she still recognizes me…
‘Xenia! What’s going on ~ desu?’ Samusagi came running into the main building. Behind her Damien, Kazuhiku, Whitney, Leonel, Melfara and Junko appeared. They were attracted by the noise they had made.
‘It’s Victoria. She seemed to have lost all control, because of the lack of blood she had taken.’ Whitney put her hands for her mouth – knowing how bad it could be to lose control.
‘We need to get her quick, before someone gets hurt,’ Damien said.
‘That reminds me…’ Samusagi looked over her shoulder to the other students. ‘You should go to bed ~ desu.’ But the students didn’t move a bit. Leonel looked even a bit offened.
‘Why? We can help,’ Junko said.
‘I agree with Samusagi. This is no place of students,’ Damien added.
‘Ridiculous! I’m a vampire too! Don’t you think I understand the best of all what’s going on here? I understand what she’s thinking now.’ The teachers and Samusagi switched glances.
‘She got a point ~ chuu.’ Then Samusagi seemed to realize that her cousin was standing there.
‘We’ll talk about what we with Junko, but you have to leave as well, Melfara ~ desu.’
‘What?! I’m the direchuutor of chuuis school! I chuuannot leave! ~ chuu’ Samusagi sighed, but looked stern at her.
‘I don’t want to be disturb, but Victoria’s getting away,’ Xenia said.
‘Indeed!’ Junko added. ‘We can’t waste anymore time choosing who stays and who leaves!’
‘Fine! ~ desu’ Samusagi yelled. ‘You guys stay than, but I have to bring Melfara to a save place! ~ desu’ Melfara wanted to protest, but her cousin gave her a death glare that made her silent. Damien took over:
‘Here’s the plan: we’ll split up to cover more ground, but no one goes alone.’ Leonel grabbed Whitney’s arm without changing the look at his face. Damien looked at the two for a second before he continued: ‘Leonel goes with Whitney, Junko goes with me and Kazuhiko, you go with Xenia. Samusagi,’ he turned to the vareos, ‘please come back if you brought Melfara to safety. We can use you.’ She nodded and left – holding her cousin tightly to her.
‘Before we go, I have to warn you,’ Xenia suddenly said. ‘Victoria seems to be able to control magic. That’s how she knew to escape from my vectors.’ Junko looked quit shocked.
‘I never knew that…’
‘Good that you told us, Xenia. But now we really have to go,’ Damien said, before they split up.
Part 2 is up!^^

Okay, a rather boring part with a lot of talking. But it is necessary to continue the story. Part 3 will be a lot more action;) Oh, and I solved the problem about the blooddrinking thing. It will be for part 3 anyway. (part 2 became much taller than expectedO_O)

However, I hope you enjoy... or at least look out for action in part 3^^

Victoria: :iconyuvena:
Samusagi: :iconsamusagi:
Melfara: :iconmelfara:
Xenia: :iconlittledragon14:
Junko: :iconanime1448:
Leonel: :iconyoony10:
Whitney: :iconwolf12832:
Damien: :icondemonfox9tails:
Kazuhiku: :iconkazuhiku:
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CodyWolf Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
Interesting. Looking forward to the next part.
Yuvena Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad it got your interesse^^
Hina-Monoko Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*anxious* I can't wait for the other part! why did she hid that she could use magic? :O
Yuvena Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad to see you like it^^ I'm actually working on part 3 right now and it almost will be finished;)
That's just Victoria. She wants to hide her powers as good as possible. It would make people underestimate her in battle, so she would have an upperhand. 
Hina-Monoko Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool :D Can't wait for the next part then~
Well, yeah. That is true. I thought it had a dark backgrounds/past behind it.
Yuvena Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's up^^
Well that too, but the thing is: I haven't figured Victoria out completely yet^^;
Hina-Monoko Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem. I am same with Raeka xD
Runo2 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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