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March 23


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11:37 pm, Melfar-Academy, East Wing:

Except for their footsteps that resounded through the hallways, it was scary quiet in the academy. The lights of the moon shone through the large windows, creating multiply shadows where Victoria could be hiding. They were at the end of the east wing of the academy and still hadn’t seen any sign of the loose vampire.
‘Junko,’ Damien said, ‘where do you think she is?’ As a vampire, Junko could know the best of all, where Victoria could be hiding. That, and she knew her.
‘Well, she’s clearly looking for blood, so it would be only natural if she was looking to the biggest source of blood.’
‘What would be the dorms where all the students are sleeping,’ Damien said with a highly irritated voice. ‘I’ll contact Samusagi to tell her, that she’ll have to watch the dorms.’

11:45 pm, Melfar-Academy, West Wing:

Leonel walked protective around Whitney as they walked through the hallway. Whitney had fold her hands together mumbled a praying in latin.
‘What are you praying for?’ He asked.
‘I’m praying that nobody will get hurt,’ she answered. Leonel sniffed.
‘I wouldn’t bet on it, sister.’ Whitney stared at him, when she realized he actually wouldn’t hold back if they encountered Victoria.
‘Leonel! She’s my friend!’
‘Not like she is now. Besides,’ he turned and grabbed the shoulders, ‘I will not let her hurt you.’ He planted a kiss on her lips. ‘I’ll protect you, Whitney.’ He let her free and walked further.
‘I agree with, Leonel,’ a voice in her head said. Goldenfang!
‘Shut up…’ she mumbled. Her concern had grown in a small amouth of time. All of a sudden, she saw something move in the shadows.
‘Leonel…’ she whispered. The god looked back and saw the movement as well. There, in the left corner from the ceiling, something was hiding there. All of a sudden, a flash of light came from behind Whitney and hit the thing in the corner. A lot of noise and dust filled the hallway. Someone grabbed her arm and pulled her backwards. Leonel went to stand before her, holding his hand in the direction of the corner.
‘Leonel, did you make that light flash?’
‘Of course I did! If it was Victoria, then she would have attacked us. I just was before her. The dust pulled away and they looked at a big hole in the wall. They waited gingerly for Victoria to jump at them, but she stayed away. Leonel walked surprised to the hole and looked in it.
‘Nothing,’ he said. ‘She must have left already.’
‘Then, where is she?’ Leonel raised his shoulders.
‘Don’t know, but she must be close.’
‘We better tell the others.’ Leonel agreed and they couple went back.

12:06 am, Melfar-Academy, Aula:

‘I don’t think she’s here,’ Kazuhiku said. Xenia looked around for a last time and sighed when she had to agree. The Diclonius and the Vareos had searched through their entire area, but none of them had seen a sign of Victoria. They had checked the aula for a third time already, but nothing seemed to have changed in there.
‘Kazuhiku,’ Xenia said, ‘you are half vampire, right?’ He nodded. ‘Than, do you know how she hunts? Or what to her target probably would be?’ The Vareos sighed.
‘Don’t you think I’ve already tried that?’ Xenia looked at another direction.
‘We better go look for the others. They have to know she’s not here,’ she said. Kazuhiku nodded and turned, but he immediately froze. Xenia soon saw why.
There, right in the doorway, with ruffled clothes like they just met an explosion, stood Victoria. She leaned against one of the doors and breathed heavily. Her head was directed to the ground, so they couldn’t see her face, but when she looked up, they could clearly see the hunger and madness in her eyes. Her face had a wide grin, which made her look quite psychotic. Her eyes switched between Xenia and Kazuhiku – carefully weighing who she would attack first. A big dark red pentagram under Kazuhiku made that decision clear.
‘What the-’ The pentagram started to spin and fires with the color of blood appeared out of it. Xenia used on of her vectors to divest herself and used another on to pull Kazuhiku out the fires. She felt her vector burn while she reached towards him. It was like the fires scorched it. Finally she got a hold on him and pulled him out of it.
‘Damn it!’ He yelled as he pulled of the seal and he changed into his true form. Xenia just let go of him, as she saw something in her corner. When she turned her face, Victoria stood right before her. Her hand was reached towards her neck and the distance between them was about 1 centimeter. Instinctively she used the vectors to catch her and threw her away. Yet, she felt Victoria’s nails in the skin of her neck. The vampire was swung against a wall – creating a small crater. Before she could act, Kazuhiku had teleported himself above her and used an energy ball on her. Victoria had no time to call a shield and was pushed against the ground – creating a second, larger crater. Kazuhiku teleported again and the Vareos appeared next to Xenia.
‘This is bad,’ she said to him. ‘If this continues, we will destroy the academy.’ He looked around and saw that she was right. ‘If we just could bring her to her senses…’
Xenia couldn’t finish that sentence as the pentagram appeared under her. She wanted to ran away, but quickly discovered the reason why Kazuhiku didn’t teleport when he was in the fires. She couldn’t move at all and her vectors didn’t seem to react. The fires appeared again and Xenia felt her body burning.
‘Kazu!’ She yelled. The Vareos looked at her and back to Victoria. She saw him preparing a spell to attack, but suddenly stopped doing that. Instead of that, he let his guard down and stood there with open arms.
‘Victoria,’ he said, ‘you only want blood, right? Then take this!’ He scratched his neck and created a small, but deep wound. A big blood drop slipped out of it and run via his skin to his chest. Victoria’s psychotic look had changed into a surprised one. Slowly the fires around Xenia disappeared. She still couldn’t move since the pentagram was still there.
Kazuhiku conjured a smile on his face.
‘Come on. I won’t attack you this time.’ Victoria stood there for a little longer – carefully weighing the possibilities – but then run towards him. She clinched onto his body and licked the blood drop from his chest. Then to his little wound and pierced her teeth in his neck. Kazuhiku’s face showed a slice of pain first, but he didn’t push her back. Xenia looked surprised at them, while she drank his blood. After some time the pentagram even disappeared. Xenia wanted to capture Victoria, but Kazuhiku’s eyes told her not to. Just then, Leonel and Whitney came in the aula. They looked with big eyes to them.
‘Victoria?’ Whitney said uncertain. Not much later, Damien and Junko appeared and had to make the same surprised face as the others. Victoria finally pulled her teeth out of his neck and wavered back. She stumbled and sat sleep-charged at the ground.
‘Hmm? Kazu? Xenia? W-what’s going on?’ No one knew what to answer. How could they explain to her that she tried to drink from them? Suddenly, Kazuhiku wavered as well. His face looked very pale. Obviously, Victoria had drunk quite a bit from him. A vector of Xenia grabbed him, just before he would fall on the ground. The others ran to them and Damien took Kazuhiku in his arms.
‘He’s just dizzy from the blood loss,’ he said. He looked at the little burns on Xenia’s body. ‘You should go with us to the infirmity.’
‘What about Victoria?’ Junko asked, sitting next to her fellow vampire. Victoria looked not understanding at her.
‘What do you mean “what about me”? I’m feeling fine…’ She lost balance and almost fell with her head on Junko’s legs.
‘I’ll carry her,’ Xenia said. She walked towards her and lifted her up.
‘Huh? Xenia, you’re hurt.’ Victoria pointed at one of the burns. Xenia didn’t answer, which made her impatient. ‘What’s going on here?! Why’s nobody answering? Why am I here?’
‘You tried to drink from us, since you needed blood,’ Damien said without hesitating. Victoria froze instantly. Her eyes had become big and she didn’t look at anyone when she asked:
‘I did what?’ Slowly she brought her hand to her mouth, where Kazuhiku’s blood lay on.
‘We bring you to the infirmity,’ Xenia said and pulled the vampire with her. Victoria looked at Kazuhiku who still looked suspiciously pale. She maybe didn’t remember, but she knew what had happen.
Finally, part 3 is up!:dummy: Sorry that it took me that long, but I had a little writers block on this one^^; But it's finally up!:dance:
And a little more revealing about Victoria's powers^^ 


Part 1 =>
Part 2 =>

Victoria: :iconyuvena:
Kazuhiku: :iconkazuhiku:
Xenia: :iconlittledragon14:
Leonel: :iconyoony10:
Whitney: :iconwolf12832:
Junko: :iconanime1448:
Damien: :icondemonfox9tails:
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