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February 10


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It was hard to say which was worse: the missed change of a great feast, or the big load of letters that was coming her way. They all fell for her nose at the table, which was way too small for their large amouth. The surrounding students looked with astonished faces to her. Victoria looked at the pink, red or white letters which were decorated with many flowers or hearts, but sighed and tried to let her irritation not get the upper hand of her. TeTe, who said next to her at the table, grabbed a letter which had fallen on the floor.
‘You sure have gotten a lot of them,’ she said while putting the fallen letter with the others. ‘I didn’t know you were that popular.’
‘I’m not. This is just the result of a failed plan,’ Victoria said while pushing the letters away from her. Whitney had to shove to the left, to prevent that the letters would fall on her.
‘You don’t like them?’ she asked. ‘These are the proof of the love that others feel for you. How can you not like them?’
‘Because it’s Valentine’s Day. Every year, since I’ve become a vampire I go flirt around with some good smelling guys, to let them gather all together at Valentine’s Day as a big feast for me. It’s my way of celebrating this day.’ Whitney’s face had showed a sign of abomination when she heard what happened with the fooled men.
‘So what’s preventing you from doing that this year?’ TeTe continued.
‘That I’m at the academy this year. Or do you expect me to bring all these guys here?’ Victoria grabbed one of the letter and looked from whom it was addressed.
‘Oh, this one is from Drake. That boy smelled so good… I was looking so forward to drink his blood…’
All of a sudden, Leonel appeared. With graceful yet fast steps walked the young god in their direction. Then he dropped a letter on the ground, right next to where Whitney sat. The nun picked the letter up and read it. Her face kept being more red, while she continued reading till it was as read as a tomato.
‘Uhm, Whitney? Are you okay?’ TeTe asked. Victoria realized what was going on and started to giggle.
‘I think the good nun is blushing for the Son of Satan,’ she teased. Before she knew what she had done, Whitney had fallen of her chair already. Fainted. The girls were pretty surprised, but came to help her immidiatly. They brought the girl to the nurse. Whitney’s accident had brought Victoria in a better mood, but as soon TeTe and she were walking back, the realization of her missed feast came back to her.
‘You seem stressed, Victoria,’ TeTe noticed. ‘Are you still in about those letters?’
‘Not only that. The whole idea of this ‘love’ day is making me sick.’
‘You should remove your minds of it. You know what helps. Cooking!’ The vampires looked really frustrated at her.
‘TeTe, no jokes now.’
‘I’m not joking! A friend of mine always cooks to remove her mind and it really seems to work.’
‘Well, I can try…’
She found Junko when the student bumped in to her. The light blue haired girl was far away with her thoughts and didn’t see her master stand.
‘Junko, are you okay?’
‘Good to hear that. Hey, I was looking for you. Let’s go cooking.’ The young vampires looked very surprised at her master.
‘Yes, come on!’ Victoria led the student to the kitchen, where they started preparing some chocolate, which took more time than expected. Not only because it was a lot of work, but Victoria seemed to be a horrible chef.
‘No! Not again!’ The vampires yelled, when she looked at the burned chocolates. Junko signed and grabbed some new ones. ‘Tch, this is ridiculous. I’m not supposed to cook! People cook for me.’ Victoria said when she threw the burned ones away.
‘If you hate cooking so much, then why did you start this?’ Junko asked.
‘Because TeTe said it would help removing my mind from Valentine’s Day.’ She went sitting and didn’t paid attention to the next load of chocolates that were about the burn. Junko saw the problem and tried to save them.
‘I’m sorry for wasting your Valentine’s day, Junko.’
‘That’s okay. I don’t like it anyway.’ Victoria was quite surprised hearing that.
‘Really? Why’s that?’
‘I’m… I’m afraid from it.’
‘You’re afraid from it?’ Victoria repeated. Junko nodded.
‘But, if you went cooking to remove your minds from it, does that mean you also dislike it?’ The vampires shook her head.
‘I don’t hate it, I just hoped to have a huge date with a lot of men. Men with very good blood.’
‘Ah.’ Junko said. That was what Victoria liked of Junko. She understood her. ‘I’m afraid for it, because I don’t want to fall in love.’
‘Neither do you?’ Victoria reacted immediately.
‘Neither?’ Junko repeated surprised. ‘You don’t want to fall in love too?’ Victoria said quiet and looked at her shoes. Then, so still it could be a whispering, she said “yes”.
‘Yes, I don’t want to. No, I’m afraid for it.’ The two vampires stood quiet in the kitchen – Junko continued sometimes with cooking, but that was the only movement in the room.
‘Master, can I ask why you are afraid of love?’ She asked eventually. I took Victoria some time, before she finally answered.
‘Everyone… everyone who I love… will die. Ever since I’ve become a vampire, everyone dies. Everyone,’ she repeated silently. ‘Mostly,’ she looked at her hands, ‘it’s even done by myself.’
‘There are many kinds of vampires, Junko. My kind get’s stronger with the moon. My strength reach a top when there’s a blood moon. It happened only a few times in my life when I felt the power of the red moon strengthening me. So much, I would lose myself.’ She hid her face in her hands. ‘How many have I killed? How many people who were dear to me? People who deserved to live. To live a great live with…’
‘Master!’ Junko ran to her and grabbed her. ‘Master, please! Stop it! You’re hurting yourself!’ Like she was under a spell, Victoria woke up and looked disorientated Junko in her face.
‘It’s over now. You can’t change the past. It’s over.’ She said. Victoria listened to the words and let them comfort her, but they couldn’t reach deep anymore. The walls of ice were already too big and couldn’t be broken by words anymore. Maybe, nobody could save her anymore…

Or was there…
A little look into Victoria's Valentine's Day^^ (and into her past;p)
I based my story on that from others. Don't hesitate to read those too;)

Victoria: :iconyuvena:
TeTe: :iconlollylink:
Whitney: :iconwolf12832:
Leonel: :iconyoony10:
Junko: :iconanime1448:
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